What an exciting day! I’ve been to collect my long awaited new hens today. Keeping hens is so much a part of small holding and I’ve really missed them and their delicious eggs in the last year or so without some. We brought them home in their cardboard traveling box in the back of the car in the late afternoon and now they are safely installed in their cosy hen house, looking a bit bemused.

I had forgotten how beautifully soft and warm a young hen feels, quite cuddly.  In the morning they will be let into their palatial run which I hope they appreciate after all the long hours D has put in constructing the thing.


Finished at last!

It was supposed to be a kind of flat pack kit but turned out to be so poorly designed that he has had to make lots of changes to it. Also it has to be made strong to withstand the winter winds we sometimes get and not go sailing over the hedge so a bit of over engineering was required.

Imagine when I unpacked the hens, there at the bottom of the box was this…an egg! Someone had laid on the way home.


Clever girls starting already and hopefully the first of many. I never get over the pure pleasure of peeping into the nest box to find an egg or two. On a freezing cold morning there’s no better feeling than cradling the smooth, warm egg in my palm, wrapping my fingers around it. It’s like a mini hand warmer.


These are pullets or young hens, known as POL, point of lay. This means they will be about eighteen to twenty weeks old when you buy them, just on the point of starting to lay eggs. The first eggs are quite small but soon increase in size and good layers will pop out an egg almost every day. They usually miss on one day a week. As we don’t have a cockerel the eggs will be infertile so no baby chicks for us at the moment. I can’t wait for these girls to get going.

Home grown eggs will be back on the menu in our B&B at last, and will also be used to make all those delicious cakes for crochet retreat days. You can always tell a cake made with home laid eggs as it will be quite a deep yellow, and taste yummy of course.

Fresh eggs are nothing like the ones you buy in shops, even with the best possible labels of organic or free range. They simply taste so much better and I’ve really struggled to find good ones whilst a hen free zone. Hens are definitely the most productive pet you can find.


By the way I finished my pretty little blanket for my granddaughter. I hope you like it as much as I do. I’m loving all those beautiful colours  worked in together.

Thanks for dropping in and indulging my hen love!

Hen day at last.

2 thoughts on “Hen day at last.

  • March 3, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I love your blog, Gillian. It is really uplifting and interesting.
    Your new hens look lovely and an egg upon arrival home – how good is that! I’m sure that they are enjoying the fruits of D’s hard work.
    I am looking forward to the fruits of THEIR labours by way of those delicious cakes when next I Escape to the Crochet! ???

    • March 3, 2017 at 6:18 pm

      Jenny you are so kind! I’m not sure why I’m blogging but I just fancied a go as I like writing. It is wonderful to know that someone is actually reading it! Hope to see you on an Escape day soon.


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