A weekend retreat and a Wednesday retreat are planned for most months. You can choose either Saturday or Sunday or both days for the weekends. Book now to secure your place. Please note a non refundable  deposit of £10 is now required to secure your booking, payable by Paypal, Credit card or cheque. This is the direct Paypal link http://paypal.me/MiddlestobswoodBandB

We have reluctantly had to make this change because of last minute cancellations when costs have already been incurred.

If the dates are no good for you then why not get a few friends together and choose your own? We will do our best to fit in.


  • Weekend 16th/17th

January 2018

  • Wednesday 10th, weekend 27th/28th
  • Private groups Tues 16th and Sat 20th
  • Monday 22nd: Coffee morning, donations to charity 10 am-2.00 pm


  • Wednesday 7th, weekend 24th/25th
  • Monday 19th: Coffee morning


  • Wednesday 21st, weekend 10th/11th
  • Monday 26th: Coffee morning


  • Wednesday 11th, weekend 7th/8th
  • Private group wed 18th
  • Private group 25th/26th
  • Monday 16th Coffee morning


  • Wednesday 30th, weekend 19/20th


  • Weekend 9/10th

Further dates coming soon or contact us with your requirements.