The wind is roaring through the trees and down the chimneys today.




I think I’m just a bit in love with the trees around here in this season mind, so lots of pictures.

These apple trees in the garden are so old and gnarled, quite beautiful and just what a mini orchard should be.





I love to watch the leaves swirling down and the branches swaying over at this time of year. The grass in the garden, which still needs another cut, is decorated with yellow and orange sprinkles under the trees, as well as some of the last ripe apples which have come down in the strong breeze. It’s certainly been a bumper crop this year, apple something with every meal. Mmm baked apples stuffed with marzipan, my favourites!

Draughts find every crack in an old house on a day like today so I’m indulging in lighting the log burner a bit earlier than usual. A late afternoon fire is so luxurious. Could there be anything more cheerful than watching the leaping flames? It’s surely a primordial pleasure linking us back to the dawn of the age. Comfort and well being.


Tonight the time falls back an hour and tomorrow it will be growing dark by tea time. Love it or hate it the days will close in over the next few weeks. Anyone with outdoor animals to care for will dread the short days but at least nowadays I am here at home to get my ponies and hens fed and seen to before dark.

Last week I had Reiver clipped. You might wonder why we clip at this time of year when the temperatures are falling. As he is a Highland pony he gets very woolly and consequently very hot when we go out driving so the clip helps him to be more comfortable. He keeps warm with a waterproof rug when he goes back out in the field.

The hens are still laying a few eggs but it’s the time of year when production really drops. Just when you want to bake the Christmas cake too.

We’ve lived in this little farm for almost twenty-five years and it’s come a long way since our first winter here with only half a roof. Yes clear sky views outside the bedroom door all winter for the first year! Luckily it was a mild one.

Shorter days mean plenty of evenings for making yourself cosy and enjoying a bit of crochet. I’m currently enjoying trying out the beautiful Stylecraft Batik yarn and learning how the colours go together. There’s always something new to learn with crochet.

A nice log fire with a plentiful wood basket, some interesting crochet, a comfy chair or sofa, a few sleeping dogs or cats draped about, and the curtains drawn against the dark makes you think it’s not all bad at this time of year.



A slice of buttered homemade tea bread anyone?

Have you read about ‘hygge’, defined as the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures? We may not have a special word for it but  I think we crocheters already know how to do hygge here in the UK.

The internet gives us a wonderful way to be connected with so many hooky friends both real and in cyberland too. You need never be lonely or feel isolated. I’m finding Instagram an especially welcoming and creative community where everyone builds each other up and finds support and inspiration, so if you haven’t yet discovered it do have a look.

Want a peek at our crochet retreat lounge? It’s quiet here in the picture but just add guests to see it transform. Can you see the new yarn cupboards? Yum!

Of course a crochet retreat is probably the ultimate way to spend some time indulging in all things cosy with good friends. We’ve enjoyed some really wonderful days recently and made lots of new real friends as well as welcoming familiar faces.

Without sounding too precious, I know that many Escape guests find something they deeply need on these days and I’ll include myself in that. We have fun too. And eat nice things, very nice things!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Keep cosy and crochet.

4 thoughts on “Keep cosy and crochet.

  • October 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    You make me want to be there…. right now. I’m looking forward to coming next month for a lovely relaxing day. And David, I’ve never had homemade tea bread before….hint, hint!

  • October 30, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Lovely blog post as always Gillian. I will freely admit that I really do struggle with ‘real people’ face to face. I tend to sit and quietly crochet, and listen to others telling us about what they have been up to since last we met, and of course hearing from new people who soon will be regulars. Enjoy those apples and that roaring fire.

  • October 30, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Good morning. A pleasure to read this post. ooh I know what you mean about living through renovations, but at least we did have a roof! We might grumble a little about the cold dark winter, but I agree, there’s something good in every season, especially making ourselves cosy as we light the fire and draw the curtains. I find the simple pleasures are the best and most satisfying. Sitting in a lovely warm room with like minded people, looking at a wall of yarn, is one of those pleasures, thank you for making it available to us. x

  • October 30, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    I love reading your blog, Gillian. It brings us right into your world, enjoying all the simple pleasures. It’s been too long since my last crochet escape and as soon as I’m able I shall be booking another. It certainly does fill a need. Precious days indeed.


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